On Saturday, as usual, I was tidying up the apartment. Nothing special, just a rainy Saturday. But when cars were blowing along the road, I realised that this Saturday is the biggest change in life for someone. For whom, would you think. For the happy bride, who is, perfectly made up, sitting in a flower decorated car. And the groom brimming of nervousness and happiness at the same time. For them, this Saturday is the beginning of something new. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the month of September is a whole new beginning for everyone. Relaxed and full of energy, we go back to school, work, and other activities.

A perfect wedding day is usually results from months of preparations. The venue, dress, flowers, bouquet, food, cake, invitations, and many other little things. Steklarna Hrastnik offers quite a number of products that can make wedding preparations less stressful, and the final result is perfect.

We are presenting those key products that would make a wedding day even prettier.

1. Jewellery


Perfect dress, hairstyle, and shoes. Everything is perfect ,only one thing is missing – unique jewellery by the designer Renate Kobale. The jewellery collection consists of earrings, rings, and necklaces. Each product is unique and unrepeatable. Renata says that the products are full of sensuality, grace, and purity. A piece of jewellery that will complement the wedding appearance can be found here

2. Men’s bow tie


A tie or a bow tie have always been mandatory part of a wedding clothes. In recent years, however, we are increasingly choosing unique bow ties, adding a special charm and distinctiveness to men’s clothes. Therefore, the designer Renata Kobale has decided to design a special line of glass bow ties. Like jewellery, these products are unique and hand-made. Despite their uniqueness, they have something in common with jewellery. The bride and groom will thus be able to connect through small details.

3. Decoration


Decoration makes the wedding even more magical and special. The GlaSHuta store is also the place of creators, therefore, they made for you a combination of a wedding couple from our biggest bottles. The products can also be an excellent gift for newlyweds.

4. Thankful gifts

According to the tradition, newlyweds give little gifts to their guests to show gratitude. Most often, these are nicely wrapped confetti. However, if you want something unique for your guests, you can order it through our website. We can engrave an inscription at your request on any glass product.

5. Wedding Gifts


We often want wedding gifts to be practical and intended for daily use. Nevertheless, they have to be aesthetic and remain in good memory. There are many such products in our offer. An excellent example is stem glasses, which can be bought in a special wedding packaging.