In the MyGlass online shop and the Glashuta shop, in addition to glass products, you can find a variety of Slovenian products distinguished by the quality and glass packaging of Steklarna Hrastnik. In recent days, we included in product range a special product. Kolenko potato vodka, produced at the Kolenko farm in Črenšovci in Prekmurje. The farm is engaged in the production and sale of home-grown potatoes. 

vodka kolenko

A desire for additional offers on the farm led them to explore the market and search for potentials. They found no potato vodka producer in Slovenia. Consequently, an idea was born to start producing potato vodka. Such vodka represents only three percent of all vodka in the global market. Mr Matej Kolenko has long been involved with the preparations and recipe. Almost a year. The result is potato vodka of superior quality. 

Kolenko potato vodka has a full yet still soft taste compared to vodka made of cereal. It is hand-made, because this is the way they maintain the quality. Vodka is the premium product of the Kolenko farm. They want to make all lovers of this high-quality noble drink to enjoy in it and feel its story. Vodka will be available for tasting in prestigious restaurants and cafes.

krompirjeva vodka

Kolenko vodka is distinguished by a stylish bottle made by Steklarna Hrastnik. It is made of high-quality glass and is decorated. Due to its excellent looks and, of course, the quality, vodka is also suitable as a gifts.


The Kolenko farm is already considering an additional offer, perhaps aromatic vodka or a genuinely new brandy. In any case, we hope that the goals will be achieved and we may soon add a new premium product to our shelves.




„The Minister of Health warns: Excessive drinking of alcohol is harmful to health!“