Healthy and quick breakfast: SMOOTHIE

Healthy and quick breakfast: SMOOTHIE


We already know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day In the summer, when hot days come, we want to have our breakfast as refreshing and light as possible, while still providing us with sufficient energy to start the day. Smoothie is an excellent choice that will provide you with many vitamins, minerals and fibres.

Smoothie is very easy to prepare, as you just blend up all the ingredients, and the breakfast can be prepared in five minutes. Smoothie also improves digestion and cleans the body, particularly so, if we put in it a variety of seeds (linseed, chia seeds) and nuts. Seeds and nuts provide the body with extra energy and feed our brains.

There are countless possibilities to prepare a smoothie. We can include a variety of fruits and vegetables available in the summer months. We can also add vegetables that may not be our favourite, but contain many useful vitamins. Its taste can be covered by other ingredients. It is great to include more vegetables in the smoothie, as they contain less sugar then fruits. 


An idea for smoothie

The red smoothie is a real energy bomb. It contains fruits, nuts, seeds and red beet. Red beet is a powerful antioxidant and body detoxinate. In addition, it is a good source of iron. The preparation is simple – cut fruits in small pieces and add all the ingredients to the blender. Mix the ingredients in a thick juice (smoothie). Pour it in the Smoothie glass and - Cheers. 

Ingredients needed (for 1 person):

-       1 ripe banana

-       2 small bowls of raspberries

-       2 apricots

-       8 almonds

-       2 teaspoons of chia seeds

-       1 dl of red beet juice

-       water (optional)

sestavine smoothie