About us

About us

Steklarna Hrastnik is a company with over 150-year history. Today, the group is one of major exporters and falls among the most successful companies in Slovenia. The main activity of the whole group is the production of glass products. They are divided into three production ranges, namely special glass packaging, tableware glass, and lighting glass. The advantage over competitors lies in the production of the most technically demanding glassware of one of the purest glasses in the world.

As at January 2016, Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o. established a sheltered company called Steklarna Hrastnik IP d.o.o., and as of 16 February 2016 officially obtained the status of a sheltered company from the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. The planned sheltered company, Steklarna Hrastnik IP d.o.o., at the time of obtaining the status of a sheltered company, employed 44 employees, of which 25 had the status of a disabled person, and two were professional workers.

On this basis, the management of the sheltered company already in 2016 adopted numerous measures related to compliance with legal conditions for the company’s operations, and identification of the first activities suitable for the employment of disabled people. In May 2016, due to the constant increase in the number of people with disabilities in the group, we additionally increased the number of employees in the sheltered company to the total of 64 workers, of which 35 workers held the disabled status.

At present, there are 92 employees in the company, of which 49 are disabled.

The activities preformed include:
- Sale of glass and gift product range,
- Packaging, engraving, labeling, printing services,
- Occupational safety services,
- Environmental services and protection of people and property,
- Machine maintenance services,
- Environment maintenance services,
- Services in the field of construction, electrical and machine planning, up to the execution and supervision of works.